10 outlet styles that will be popular in 2023 and future

  1. Eco-friendly outlets made from sustainable materials, such as bamboo or recycled plastic.
  2. Outlets with built-in USB ports for charging devices without the need for additional adapters.
  3. Outlets with advanced surge protection and voltage regulation features to protect against power fluctuations.
  4. Outlets with interchangeable faceplates, allowing users to customize the look of their outlets to match their home decor.
  5. Smart outlets that can be controlled and programmed using a smartphone app or voice assistants.
  6. Outlets with built-in night lights or LED indicators to help locate them in the dark.
  7. Outlets with advanced safety features, such as tamper-resistant receptacles and ground fault circuit interrupters.
  8. Outlets with built-in wireless charging pads for smartphones and other devices.
  9. Outlets with multiple outlets and USB ports to allow for the simultaneous charging of multiple devices.
  10. Outlets with a sleek and modern design, featuring clean lines and a minimalistic aesthetic.